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Socialy responsible green web hosts

Web hosting providers in Australia are beginning to show their commitment to the environment by converting to carbon neutral and green natural power companies.

A project that was so deep yet so wide.
Creating wonders 6000 feet above ground

To acknowledge eco-friendly web hosts and their efforts, we have constructed a list of providers in Australia that are green certified.

How we use so much less yet make so much more

If you are trying to decide on a web host, why not go green? If your already hosted, make the switch to a green web host and do your bit to help protect our environment.

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Energy Saving

Removing cabon dioxides from the atmosphere is what offset programs are achieving.

Offset programs allow idivduals and companies to purchase carbon credits in support of the future of the environment. However, there are many other ways individuals and businesses can cut their carbon foot print.

Here is a list of some of the most common ways businessess can reduce their energy usage:

Many of the points mentioned above can be used at home as well. Here is a list of some other common ways individuals can reduce energy usage:

Every person can make a difference by employing these energy saving tips in the workplace and at home. The future of our planet is in your hands.

Green Web Hosts

Why choose a green webhost?

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