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Socialy responsible green web hosts

Web hosting providers in Australia are beginning to show their commitment to the environment by converting to carbon neutral and green natural power companies.

A project that was so deep yet so wide.
Creating wonders 6000 feet above ground

To acknowledge eco-friendly web hosts and their efforts, we have constructed a list of providers in Australia that are green certified.

How we use so much less yet make so much more

If you are trying to decide on a web host, why not go green? If your already hosted, make the switch to a green web host and do your bit to help protect our environment.

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About us

Eighty percent of Australia's electricity is derived from coal resulting in large quantities of carbon and greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere and contributing to the global warming and climate change crisis.

Greenwebhost.com.au aims to make website owners and hosts in Australia aware of the problem and simple ways everyone can contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

To reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases some Australian web hosts have taken on an added responsibily by using natural power sources and purchasing carbon credits to cover the costs of emissions, feeding electricity back into the grid through wind, solar and other non-sustainable means.

Our homepage shares the top web hosting companies who have jumped on board and exactly what they are doing. See a list of green web hosts on our homepage.

Are you with a green web host? yes, great! We would love to here about them and exactly what they are doing. If not, you can normally quite easily transfer to a green web host with minimal effort and disruption to websites and other services.

Letting your clients know that your website is hosted by a green web host will be appreciated by many, so be sure to enquire with you host whether you can use some sort of logo or link to show that you really do care about the environment and have converted your hosting to a green provider.

Green Web Hosts

Why choose a green webhost?

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