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Socialy responsible green web hosts

Web hosting providers in Australia are beginning to show their commitment to the environment by converting to carbon neutral and green natural power companies.

A project that was so deep yet so wide.
Creating wonders 6000 feet above ground

To acknowledge eco-friendly web hosts and their efforts, we have constructed a list of providers in Australia that are green certified.

How we use so much less yet make so much more

If you are trying to decide on a web host, why not go green? If your already hosted, make the switch to a green web host and do your bit to help protect our environment.

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Digital Pacific


Digital Pacific estimates the emissions generated for every aspect of its business including the daily operation and maintenance of hosting servers, routers and air conditioners. Following each review Digital Pacific purchase carbon credits to offset one hundred per cent of estimated emissions. An equivalent amount of electricity is then fed back into the electricity grid from wind or solar power, rather than non-sustainable means.

Digital Pacific have implemented a simple script that allows clients to show an ecohost logo to verify that their clients are hosted on green servers.

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EcoSite Web Hosting


Our Data center's utilize power from the data grid to provide a constant flow of uninterruptible power. Eco Site Web Hosting is serious about making a difference to our environment and has several initiatives towards making our own company greener therefore reducing our carbon footprint, which in turn helps make our customers become greener too.

Apart from using the most power efficient hardware, our building facilities utilise the latest power efficient technologies thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Our aim is to be an industry leader and we are willing to step up and admit we can contribute more effectively by seeking more environmentally friendly ways of doing things. Whilst we don't claim to have the absolute answer, we are committed to contributing to projects that actually make a difference to our environment, such as donating to organisations such as Landcare; who have volunteers which plant trees to re-forest cleared land.

Ecosite Webhosting also has a significant recycling initiative in the office, using only paper from sustainable sources and recycling all aluminium cans, paper, cardboard and plastic through both the local government and a company called Transpacific Industries Group Ltd.

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To neutralize emissions Webcity through the Greenfleet program is sponsoring the planting of trees to absorb an equivalent amount of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Anchor offers green carbon neutral web hosting as an optional upgrade to Australian clients on all services. Anchor offsets CO2 via Climate Friendly's Voluntary Carbon Standard product.

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Ilisys use 100% natural power through synergy and offset co2 emissions using carbon neutral. Power used to run their data center and office is 100% natural power from both wind and solar sources. Ilisys have also taken on an extra intiative offseting CO2 emissions by planting trees to cover any extra CO2 emissions from things such as staff travel and unavoidable wastage.

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GreenServe.com.au provides high-availability, low-contention carbon offset website hosting in Brisbane. Websites hosted with GreenServe are carbon-neutral - carbon credits are purchased, equivalent to the amount of CO2 released by the power used by each server and the cooling systems it requires.

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Green Web Hosts

Why choose a green webhost?

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